Mission Statement

"Serve our Customers with the Highest Level of Service Possible"

Core Value

"Belief in Vertical Integration Get Rough Diamond from Mines & Create Fine Jewellery Not just Sales Numbers & Competitive Pricing but the Highest Level of Service"

Way Forward

Promote Responsible Business Practices through

  • Prevention Bribery & Facilitation Payments to gain any advantage
  • Adherence to Anti Money Laundering & Control of Financing to Terrorism Regulations
  • Comply with Kimberly Process and World Diamond Council System of Warranties
  • Conduct a supply chain due diligence for Human Rights impacts
  • Protect the Diamonds from Theft & Substitution and Correctly Disclose Quality
  • Support Prevention of Employment of Children and young Persons
  • No Forced Labour & No Discrimination amongst Employees
  • Uphold Fundamental Human Rights and the Rights of Employees
  • Provide a safe and Healthy work place & Prepare for Contingencies
  • Reduce Environmental Impact of Operations
  • Control use of Hazardous substances
  • Comply with all Applicable Statutory & Regulatory requirements

- Milan Shah, Director - 2021